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Tsoukas Workshop
Florina, GREECE

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The Candle making Workshop of Tsoukas initiated its function in 1924 in Florina as a small company of Evangelos Tsoukas Sr. and family. It was producing and trading many kinds of candles for the religious and spiritual needs of the people and clergy of the area. The company continued its function for 70 years occupying Anastasia Tsouka, Evangelos' daughter. After a short time that the Workshop was kept closed, it reopened in 1997 in a new place with a renewed spirit.
There you can find today a live exhibition of the Knitted Candles and will be served by the creator of them Dimitrios Tsoukas, Evangelos' son.


The Workshop continuous the old tradition of Knitted Candles Handcraft. They are called "knitted" because the are made by knitting by hand a candle string, which is made by a wick dipped in melted wax. The method's  history traces back to the byzantine times and is continued with lots of ups and downs until today.

The Workshop is located at Sarantaporou 29, Florina, Greece. Tel: +30-23850-29129



Participation to International Fairs
- Goteborg, Sweden 1978
- London, England 1978 & 1992
- Durban, S. Africa 1983
- Albuquerque, NM, USA 1992
- Lisboa, Portugal 1993
- Naples, Italy, International Folklore Festival, 1996

Prizes - Awards
- Gold Medal of Internetional Fair of Thessaloniki 1969
- 1st Prize of New Technic (Louis Toffelson), NM, USA 1993
- 2nd Prize of decorative candles, NM, USA 1993