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Tsoukas Workshop
Florina, GREECE

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"Few arts, very few, are alive in our times. All, one after onother, are disappeared in front of the "attack" from the miraculous modern technology. Beside the arts, unique artists are lost, too. Artists that for centuries offered their artistic feeling disregarding their fatigue.
One of the arts that remained alive, offering for hundrends of years its services to the Greek people, is the Byzantine candle-making of knitted candles of "TSOUKAS" workshop in Florina, Greece.

So today, these unique traditional candles are available to you with no technical intervention bearing their plain decoration whenever needed, as they lived for ages and formed one of the few authentic choices of the Greek handicraft.
Made from pure bee-wax, properly worked out with traditional procedures, they offer their distinctive perfume while their presence is notable of their uniqueness."